This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If the answer is not listed below, please contact us.

Where would I go to change the look of my home pages?

  • A: Menu and Layout Manager Softkey

Where would I go to see the Selected Recording Source of a Machine?

  • A: Menu Greenstar Pro Softkey and then Softkey H Machine Setup

What is the most common error when trying to record documentation?

  • A: More than one operation tab selected in documentation

What is the easiest place to make equipment and documentation changes in a GS2?

  • A: In the setup wizard and follow step by step

Where would diagnostic codes and problems be found in a GS2?

  • A: Under the Menu Greenstar Pro then the book and wrench Softkey

Where do you find the RTK network information for an ITC Receiver?

  • A: Menu Starfire ITC Icon anf Tripod Icon

How often should a TCM calibration be performed?

  • A: When the reviver is moved for any implement

How do you swap between SF1/SF2 and RTK?

  • A: Menu Starfire Icon Tripod Icon and set RTK to off

Where do you set Receiver Offsets?

  • A: Menu Greenstar Pro Icon and Softkey H Implement Setup

Where do you perform moisture and yield calibrations in a 60 series combine?

  • A: Menu Original Greenstar Icon and setup page

Where do you perform moisture and yield calibrations in a 70 series combine?

  • A: In the command center ADU in the combine

What is different between Combine and Tractor Autotrac?

  • A: The header must be engaged for autotrac to function

    How many operations can be defined during harvest for recording?

    • A: One

    Where are all Moisture and Autotrac Diagnostic performed in the GS2?

    • A: Through the Original Greenstar Emulator

    What must be done when entering previously sprayed field for Swath Control Pro?

    • A: Clear Coverage Map in the Menu Greenstar Pro Maps Icon

    On a sprayer with dual displays which display should be set the Primary?

    • A: The original brown display with Spraystar on it

    How do you set your different rates in a GS 2?

    • A: Menu Sprayer Icon and Setup Softkey

    How can I clean out a Fertilizer Rig with a Greenstar Rate Controller on it?

    • A: Menu and Rate Controller Icon Book and Wrench Softkey and Rinse Cycle Test

    How do I spray a Map Based Prescription within a Greenstar Rate Controller?

    • A: You must follow these steps:
      • Setup Prescription in APEX -> Enter the Prescription in the Menu Greenstar Pro Icon Documentation Softkey ->Set the Rate in the Rate Controller to Map Based