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3E Series Package

Apr 12, 2017, 11:28 AM

If you think you know tractors, wait until you see the new John Deere 3E Series Compact Utility Tractor.

With up to 38-horsepower, this series is built to get things done, but priced at a value ready to get things started. To top it all off, this incredibly versatile machine is now available at Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag for a limited time as part of a package that can outfit you with not only a tractor, but three attachments & a trailer at 0% financing.

A 3E is all about power, maneuverability and versatility. With horsepower starting at 25 and reaching all the way to 38, there are few jobs these tractors can’t tackle. High capacity hydraulics and four wheel drive also mean zero compromise on performance for a budget tractor price.

This total-package bundle includes a loader, rotary cutter, box blade and trailer to take it all home. You could be prepared to handle that big project you’ve been avoiding or ready to explore an entirely new routine of rewarding work starting at just $21,895.

If you are ready for a quality piece of equipment, from an American company, or if you have any questions, give us a call at 662-314-9078, or fill out our information request form on our website. http://www.agup.com/current-specials/3-family-promotion.

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