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Introducing: Cotton Pro

May 23, 2017, 14:32 PM

Through John Deere’s Operation Center we now have the ability to connect directly with eCotton’s Gin Business Software through trusted API services. This process has been ongoing for several years now and was recently finalized to seamlessly track module serial numbers from the harvest location throughout the ginning process. 


Previously, Harvest Identification documented each round module, by serial number, that exited the machine. The introduction of Cotton Pro (available with the CP690) now adds the ability to tie module moisture levels, as well as weight to the serial number. This information is transmitted to the gin using John Deere Operation Center and Wireless Data Transfer, eliminating the need for the producer to tag the module with traditional methods and get tag data to the gin in a timely manner.


With the introduction of an API with eCotton software, John Deere Operations Center will let the gin use the back end software to seamlessly transfer this data throughout the gin. This is a major, and vital link, that is now complete in our goal of the finalized “Dirt to Shirt” concept of tracking the cotton.  Read more about eCotton software here.


For more information about this new API with eCotton technology, John Deere Operations Center and the John Deere equipment you need to utilize its potential, call us today at (662) 314-9078, or visit us on-site. Our resident experts would love to tell you more!

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