6 Series Inspection

6 Series Utility Tractor Service & 12 Point Inspection

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Check engine oil

Replace engine oil filter

Replace fuel filter

Replace primary engine air filter

Lubricate adjustable front axle steering spindles, cylinder ends, and hitch components

Check coolant, engine, and transmission hydraulic oil levels

Check manual brakes, neutral start system, and seat belts

Check and adjust PTO clutch lever linkage, all hose and hose clamps, tires, battery, fan belt tension, wipers, and check lubrication points per OM

Replace secondary engine air filter

Replace hydraulic filters

Replace cab air filters

Drain water and sediment from fuel tank and fuel filter


(4 cylinder engines - In Shop Only)

We will inspect your tractor and advise you of any additional repairs that may be needed other than maintenance

120 Days No Payment No Interest, $250 minimum purchase

Some Restrictions Apply - Expires 3/31/18

**Program options are available for agricultural and commercial preferred Multi-Use Account holders only**