Pre-Season Planter Meter Special


Seed sizes vary from year to year so your seed rate will vary also, even if you are planting the same seed. It is vital to have your meters checked and cleaned and lubricated every year. If 1 out of every 12 seeds is planted incorrectly that represents 8.3% of you planted population. At this rate if your desired population was 30,000 seeds per acre the actual seeds planted would be 27,510. If you plant 500 acres and it makes 150 bushels that is 75,000 bushels. That 8.3% reduced the bushels to 68,775. At $4.00 a bushel that little error cost about $25,000 in lost Revenue.

Using the proper amount of talc/graphite is vital to the performance and life of the meter and internal meter parts. Not enough talc can cause premature wear to vital parts and cause poor performance and improper seed rate resulting in lost revenue.

- Run meters on test stand for accuracy
- We need to know the type of seed you wish to plant
- The population target per acre
- Your planting speed
- A gallon of your seed to test meters
- Row spacing
- Your cost per meter to test is $49.99 plus parts.

No Payment No Interest.
July 1, 2017
$500 Minimum Purchase
180 Days
$1,000 Minimum Purchase