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Changing the Oil & Filter in a ZTrak

Oil Filter Maintenance

Fuel Filter Maintenance

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Removing and Attaching A Mower Deck

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Tech Tip

When diagnosing electrical issues with your equipment, it is sometimes necessary to “probe” wiring. The preferred method of probing is to back probe at the closest connector. Back probing is inserting a probe into the back of the connector, without harming the integrity of the rubber seal. This can be accomplished with a “T pin”, available at most office product and discount stores. If it is necessary to, probe through the shielding, or cut the shielding in any way. You need to repair the damaged shielding or risk long term corrosion issues from moisture to the conductor or pin. To repair the shielding electrical tape is usually not the answer, as it will not create a water tight seal. I know of 2 products available that will seal the damaged shielding, Liquid Electrical Tape, or clear lacquer spray. Both work well, with the clear lacquer leaving the wire colors visible in case future diagnosis is needed.

Remember: Always repair any damaged wire shielding, to avoid more problems down the road.

Fuel Filter Maintenance

Make sure your mower's engine gets a steady supply of clean fuel. Here are the steps to installing a new fuel filter.

Stihl Trimmer Line Replacement

STIHL trimmers and brush cutters can help you cut big jobs down to size and save you time. Adding finishing touches to a freshly cut lawn? Tackling a tough cleanup job in rougher terrain? Trim and cut quickly and with precision. STIHL trimmers and brush cutters are designed to provide the power you need.

John Deere Plus 50 II Engine Oil

John Deere oil features