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John Deere Lawn Tractors

100 Series Lawn Tractors

Built in Greeneville, Tennessee, our 100 Series lawn tractors are our affordable, comfortable, easy-to-use lawn tractor line-up.

X300 Series Lawn Mower

Get around all kinds of things in your yard with X300 Select Series Lawn Mowers. Select models are equipped with four-wheel steering to help you get around anything, power steering to make it even easier, and optional MulchControlâ„¢ technology to keep your lawn healthy.

X500 Series Lawn Mowers

The next step up from the X300 Series in terms of size, power and performance is the smooth-running X500 Series for a powerful cut on all kinds of terrain. Add optional MulchControl™ technology. It’ll help keep your lawn healthy.

X700 Series Lawn Mowers

Our signature in green, yellow and steel. Models available with four-wheel steering, full-time four-wheel drive, EFI and diesel engines for the ultimate in power and performance.

John Deere Tractors For Sale in Mississippi and Southeast Arkansas

John Deere tractors for sale at AGUP help turn a lifelong chore into a fun riding experience. With lawn tractors available in numerous sizes ranging from the 100, X300, X500, and X700 series, find which one best fits your yard size and accessibility needs. John Deere lawn tractors are available at all our Mississippi and Southeast Arkansas locations. Stop in and get the time-saving machine for your household.

John Deere 100 Series Lawn Tractors

The John Deere 100 series is the most affordable option when entering the lawn tractor lineup. Options of horsepower range from 17.5-24, and all run on a 2-wheel drive system. Mower decks provide two choices, a 42-in Edge™ mower deck or a 48-in Edge™ mower deck. With a one-piece hood, it is easily opened and serviced for all oil filters and engine fuel. Bagging grass cuttings is optional with an attachable 229-L bag. Attachments for the 100 series lawn tractor include tow-behind spreaders, sprayers, thatchers, and more for all your yard work needs.

John Deere X300 Series Tractors

The John Deere X300 series tractors from John Deere give you more power and maneuverability than the 100 series. With 4-wheel drive available on models such as the X354, it gets through more tough terrain than before. Mower decks are available in 42-in, 48-in, and 54-in options. The mulch control is a must-have across the X300 Series and is highly recommended by all previous users. Blade replacement is made easy for operator use or bring into AGUP, and we will replace it for you. 

X500 Series Available

Providing a higher power and performance, the X500 Series will push through all conditions and terrain. Available models and specs on the X500 Series are:

  • X570, 48-in. Deck
  • X570, 54-in. Deck
  • X580, 54-in. Deck
  • X584, 48-in. Deck
  • X584, 54-in. Deck
  • X590, 48-in. Deck
  • X590, 54-in. Deck

X700 For Bigger Yards

For the highest output available in John Deere lawn tractors, the X700 Series is here for you. These models offer optional diesel engines, allowing for extended run times and the highest power output. Mower decks reach 60 inches and allow for full-time 4-wheel drive. The mower decks' gauge wheel adjustments allow for getting closer to the ground, perfect for uneven yards. Attach tire chains in the winter and plow through the snow in your driveway in no time. See why the X700 Series receives such high praise for yourself at AGUP near you in Mississippi or Arkansas.