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6195m tractor


  • 195-hp John Deere FT4 PowerTech™ engine
  • 30 gpm pressure-flow compensated hydraulic system
  • Multiple transmission options
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6120M standard cab with Compact CommandARM™ console6120M standard cab with Compact CommandARM™ console

The 6M Tractor was designed to ensure maximum maneuverability, visibility, and superior comfort for operators’ working long days. The 6110M and 6120M, with the updated sloped-down hood design, feature a 17.8-cm (7-in.) shorter wheelbase (240 cm [94.5 in.]) allowing you to maneuver tight areas with no problems. Inside, the 6M cab has been designed to maximize operator comfort and visibility. All-around visibility of 310 degrees from within the cab ensures accurate tractor placement, implement hookup, and optimum tractor performance. Additionally, all 6M Tractors will come standard with a digital cornerpost display and include additional options to further improve operator satisfaction like:

  • Mechanical or electrical joystick with PowrReverser™ functionality
    • Quickly and easily change directions with the push of a button while doing loader work
  • Compact CommandARM console
    • Swivel in your seat and have all the controls at your fingertips
  • Front axle suspension
  • Panoramic roof
Panoramic roofPanoramic roof
Cornerpost displayCornerpost display
Compact CommandARMCompact CommandARM
Optional electrical control valves (E-SCVs)Optional electrical control valves (E-SCVs)

All 6M models come with the option to upgrade from mechanical to electronically controlled SCVs. To control a rear implement, up to four electrical SCVs or three electrical SCVs plus power beyond can be ordered. Each SCV features four positions – neutral, raise, lower, and float. The electrical SCVs are fully adjustable with the digital cornerpost display. Additionally, you can choose what SCVs are right for your operation with the following combinations of SCVs: 

With Compact CommandARM console:

  • Up to four electrical SCVs possible or three plus power beyond
  • Loader packages with electrical joystick available
  • Mechanical SCVs are not available

With right-hand console:

  • Up to three mechanical SCVs possible plus power beyond
  • Up to four electrical SCVs possible or three plus power beyond
  • Combination of two electrical and one or two mechanical SCVs is possible
  • Loader packages with maximum of three mechanical SCVs available
  • Loader packages with electrical joystick available
6120M with optional front hitch6120M with optional front hitch

For all 6M Series Tractors, an optional integrated John Deere Category 3N front hitch with hook-end draft links can be factory installed. The high lift capacity of 4400 kg (9,700 lb) maximum and 3300 kg (7,275 lb) through the full lift range ensures compatibility with heavy front implements and ballasts. If the tractor is not equipped with Triple-Link Suspension (TLS™), an accumulator will be installed to ensure driving comfort. The economy front hitch allows:

  • Maximum uptime with quick and easy changing from folded to working position
  • The operator to be highly flexible with the front ballast
  • Optional availability of integrated front power take-off (PTO)
6155M with Premium light-emitting diode (LED) light package6155M with Premium light-emitting diode (LED) light package

Lights on the 6M Series Tractors have been positioned and designed to provide maximum visibility to the front, sides, and rear to increase productivity in any operating conditions. The updated cab lighting pattern provides 330 degrees of coverage while the hood lighting provides the remaining 30 degrees. You have two options to upgrade lighting with the Economy and Premium light packages available:

  • Economy light package
    • Two additional work lights in the front, side, and rear
  • Premium light package
    • Two additional work lights in the front, side, and rear
    • All lights are LED lights


Both packages require the 14-V/150-amp alternator (code 8741) and 12-V/174-amp-hr battery (code 8747).

John Deere 6155M with StarFire™ 6000 Receiver and tablet with JDLinkJohn Deere 6155M with StarFire™ 6000 Receiver and tablet with JDLink

JDLink is available from the factory for all 6M Tractors. JDLink is John Deere's telematics system connecting all machines in the field with the office and mobile devices. The technology is based on a Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) controller that collects and transmits data via cellular network using selective data points in near real-time. Information and features can be accessed through Operations Center, the JDLink tab on MyJohnDeere.com, or by using the JDLink app. JDLink also enables you to:

  • Access important machine information like machine hours
  • Keep track of your fleets
  • Monitor work progress
  • Manage logistics
  • Analyze and optimize machine performance
  • Receive alter SMS or email messages
  • Perform remote operator support
  • Automate data exchange


You can choose between two subscription levels: JDLink Access and JDLink Connect.

John Deere 6155M and 835 Mower Conditioner with StarFire 6000 Receiver and JDLinkJohn Deere 6155M and 835 Mower Conditioner with StarFire 6000 Receiver and JDLink
Removable side panels for easy access on 6120MRemovable side panels for easy access on 6120M
Side panels attached to the 6120MSide panels attached to the 6120M

6M Series Tractors have been redesigned to meet stringent reliability and serviceability requirements. Daily service requirements have been reduced and are simple to accomplish with improved accessibility to the engine. All 6M models are equipped with a 60-degree hood, and the 6110M and 6120M feature removeable side panels, allowing easy access to reduce time and make serviceability even easier. These features allow you to quickly and easily check parts like:

  • Engine oil filter
  • Engine fuel filter
  • Coolant recovery tank
  • Radiator cleanout screens
  • Air cleaner


Additionally, the oil dipstick on the 6110M and 6120M allows you to check the engine oil level without opening the hood.

Updated oil dipstick location on 6110M-6120MUpdated oil dipstick location on 6110M-6120M
John Deere 4240 Universal DisplayJohn Deere 4240 Universal Display

The latest John Deere display technology offered in a moveable and user-friendly experience is available with the John Deere 4240 and 4640 Universal Displays. These displays enable AutoTrac™ guidance that provides enhanced usability, increased performance, and greater operator choice. Additional benefits include:

  • Support flags – document a point, line, or area of a field that needs later attention
  • Enhanced data merging functionalities for setup data (no more overwrites)
  • AutoTrac guidance improvements – boundary track and preview for guidance lines, tramlines, and machine access
  • Keeping the implement on the perfect track even in hilly conditions with AutoTrac Implement Guidance (passive)


Compare the specifications of up to 4 models

Key Specs 6195m-tractor
Current Model
Engine descriptionJohn Deere PowerTech™ PVS
Engine displacement6.8 L
415 cu in.
Rated engine power196 hp
143 kW
Maximum engine power216 hp
159 kW
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)117 kW
159 hp
Maximum PTO power
Transmission typeStandard: John Deere 20-speed PowrQuad™ Plus 40 km/h
Optional: John Deere 16-speed PowrQuad Plus 30 km/h
John Deere 20-speed AutoQuad™ Plus 40 km/h
John Deere 20-speed CommandQuad™ Plus 40 km/h
Hydraulic pump rated outputStandard: 45-cc pump: 114 L/min
30 gpm
Rear hitch category (SAE designation)3N/3
Base machine weight7500 kg
16,534 lb
Engine specifications
DescriptionJohn Deere PowerTech™ PVS
Engine type
Engine family
Rated speed2100 rpm
AspirationVariable geometry turbocharger
Cylinders liners
Emission levelFinal Tier 4
After treatment typeLifetime diesel particle filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) using diesel exhuast fluid (DEF)
Displacement6.8 L
415 cu in.
Engine performance
Rated power196 hp
143 kW
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)117 kW
159 hp
Maximum PTO power
Intelligent Power Management (available in transport and/or mobile PTO applications)
Power boost10 percent
Maximum engine power216 hp
159 kW
Engine peak torqueAt 1600 U/min: 914 Nm
674.13 lb-ft
PTO torque rise40 percent
TypeStandard: John Deere 20-speed PowrQuad Plus 40 km/h
Optional: John Deere 16-speed PowrQuad Plus 30 km/h
John Deere 20-speed AutoQuad Plus 40 km/h
John Deere 20-speed CommandQuad Plus 40 km
ReverserElectronic left-hand reverser
Clutch; wet/dry
CreeperNot available
Hydraulic system
TypeStandard: Pressure-and-flow compensated (PFC) system with Load Sensing function
Pump rated outputStandard: 45 cc-pump: 114 L/min
30 gpm
Available flow at a single rear SCV
Available flow at front SCVs
Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs)Standard: Two ISO couplers
Optional: Two to four ISO couplers
Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs)Up to three
Number of front selective control valves (SCVs)
Joystick SCV controlMechanical/electrical
SCV control
Rear hitch
Hitch draft control load sense type
Remote control valves availableStandard
Hitch category (SAE designation)3N/3
Maximum lift capacity behind lift pointsStandard: 8050 kg
17,747.2 lb
Optional: 9050 kg
19,951.8 lb
Lift capacity at standard frame
Sensing typeElectronic lower link
Rear axle differential lockElectrohydraulically with oil-cooled clutch
Drawbar categoryCategory 2
Maximum vertical loadRoad/field use (250-mm extended): 3000 kg
6613.9 lb
Field use (350-mm extended): 1800 kg
3968.3 lb
Field use (400-mm extended): 1600 kg
3527.4 lb
Rear power take-off (PTO)
TypeElectrohydraulically operated, oil-cooled, multi-disc design
Standard: 38 mm (1.496 in.) 540, 1000 reversible shaft
Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds)540: 1960 rpm
1000: 1960 rpm
Multispeed PTO option availability
Ground speed PTO option availability
PTO actuationIn-cab switch and external fender-mounted remote control
Front hitch
Electric powerSeven-pin electrical socket
Standard lift capacity4400 kg
9700.3 lb
Front power take-off (PTO)Electrohydraulically engaged with oil-cooled, multi-disc design
PTO speed1000 PTO: 1969 rpm
Rear axle
TypeStandard: Rack-and-pinion rear axle - 92-mm (3.6-in.) shaft (2.550-m/8.36-ft length)
Final drive typeThree planetary gear reduction
Differential controls
Axle type
Brakes, type and controlPrimary brake (footbrake): Oil-cooled self-equalizing, self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated
Secondary brake: Hydraulically actuated, integrated into primary brake (lever on left-hand side of operator seat)
Park lock: Mechanical transmission park lock
Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) braking: Automatic MFWD engagement (MFWD engaged for braking at speeds less than 5 km/h [3.1 mph])
Front axle brakes (optional): TLS™ with front axle brakes (oil cooled, self-equalizing, self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated)
Rear differential lockElectrohydraulically with oil-cooled clutch
Load rating
Front axle
TypeStandard: MFWD
Optional: Triple-Link Suspension (TLS) MFWD sxle (hydro-pneumatic, permanently active, triple link, self-leveling suspension with 100-mm [3.9-in.] suspension range)
Triple-Link Suspension MFWD with brakes
Front axle differential lockSelf-locking differential
Load rating
Front600/65R28 (152)
Rear710/70R38 (200)
Wheel tread range
Turning radius with brakes
Turning radius without brakes
Tread spacing
Drive type
Track width
Electrical system
Alternator sizeStandard: 14 V/120 amp
Optional: 14 V/150 amp
14 V/200 amp
Battery optionsStandard: 12 V/154 amp-hr
Optional: 12 V/174 amp-hr
Working lights
Type of bulb in headlight (Halogen, Zenon, LED)
Type of bulb in beacon (Halogen, Zenon, LED)
dB(A) rating for backup alarm
Total cold cranking amps
Operator station
Rollover protective structure, OOS
Gearshift location - console/floor

Standard: Economy seat with mechanical suspension
Optional: Standard seat with air suspension
Cab suspensionOptional: Mechanical Cab Suspension (MCS)
Instructional seatOptional
DisplayCornerpost dispay (right-hand A-post)
Functionalty: Performance monitor and individual settings
RadioOptional integrated
Inner cab volume2.73 m3
96.41 cu ft
dB(A) rating70 dBA
Cab glass areaWithout roof hatch or panoramic roof: 4.85 m2
52.2 sq ft
Safety glass rating
Front visibility
Wheelbase2800 mm
110.2 in.
Overall length4990 mm
196.5 in.
Overall height3185 mm
125.39 in.
Drawbar clearance
Front axle centerGround clearance: 545 mm
21.5 in.
Approximate shipping weight, Open;CabCab: 7500 kg
16,534 lb
Base machine weightFront axle
3000 kg
6613 lb
Rear axle
4500 kg
9921 lb

7500 kg
16,534 lb
Maximum ballast level
Maximum permissible weight12,300 kg
27,116 lb
Crankcase oil volume23.5 L
6.2 U.S. gal.
Fuel tank325 L
85.9 U.S. gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank20 L
5.3 U.S. gal.
Cooling system

28 L
7.4 U.S. gal.
Transmission-hydraulic systemPowrQuad Plus / AutoQuad Plus: 76 L
20.1 U.S. gal.
Interval for engine oil change750 hours
Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change1500 hours
Interval for engine coolant change6000 hours
Lift capacity at full heightMechanical self-leveling (MSL): 2453 kg
5407.93 lb
Maximum lift heightMSL: 4.48 m
176.37 in.
Precision AG
Remote diagnosticsOptional
Side slope rating
Uphill/downhill slope rating
Country of manufactureGermany

Accessories and Attachments

Ag Management Solutions

Cab Equipment

Inside rear mirror
Rear mirrorRear mirror
View from rear mirrorView from rear mirror

The additional rear view mirror is installed on the right-hand side of the rear window. When the window is open, the mirror provides an excellent view of the swinging drawbar and rear-end attachments.  The mirror is adjustable for individual operators.

Bottle-/ Cup-Holder - BL15522

Inner Rear View Mirror - BL16005

JD-Logo for Rear Window - BL15295

Cold Start Packages

Cold Start Package - BL15427

Cold Start Package - BL15431

Fuel Heating Device - BL15539

Upgrade Powerquad+ To Autoquad+ - BL15288

Cold Weather Packages

Electrical Equipment

3-Terminal Socket For SAE - AL203919

Electrical power accessories
Electrical power strip on 6R TractorElectrical power strip on 6R Tractor

An electrical power strip provides six additional outlets for powering monitors or other electrical equipment.


Three different adapters may be ordered separately through Parts.

  • The 3-ft electrical cord is used for hardwiring electrical components to be used with the power strip. The power strip end has a standard connector.
  • The three-way convenience adapter allows three pin electrical connections to be adapted for use with the power strip.
  • The cigar lighter outlet adapter can be used for plugging in items such as car charges for cell phones or MP3 players. It does not include a lighter.

Front Axle

Hub Extension 219mm, Front, Tread Adjustment - BL15107

Hub Extension 60mm, Front, Tread Adjustment - AL156778

Hub Extension 94mm, Front, Tread Adjustment - BL15106

Front Power Take-off (Pto)

Fuel Tank

Bottom Guard, Fuel Tank - BL15407

Bottom Guard, Fuel Tank - BL15549


1 Work Light H3, On Beacon Light Bracket - AL205916

Bracket For Installation of Headlights And Work Lights - BL15200

Extremity lights preparation kit
Extremity lightsExtremity lights

The extremity lights provide enhanced visibility during transport and comply with the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) standard for lighting and marking.


Each lighting arm has a working position, a storage position, and a breakaway feature. These features allow the operator to position the lights to the most desirable location for maximum effectiveness. The design minimizes reflection in the cab.



NOTE: See the parts catalog and installation instructions for additional required components.


Activated Carbon Filter - AL158986

Lockable Filler Cap DEF-Tank - AL211572

Lockable Filler Cap Fuel Tank - AL213203

Custom key door locks
Custom key door lock kitCustom key door lock kit

Field-installed kit (AL71345) allows for a door handle to be installed that has a key different from the tractor ignition key.

Tool Box - AL204829

Operator''s Station

Bracket for Monitor - BL15158

Sun-glare prevention
Sun visorSun visor
Sun screenSun screen

A sun visor and a front and rear roller blind are available for improved operator visibility on sunny days, by blocking the sun's bright light and reducing glare.


NOTE: Not available with low-clearance cab tractors.

Power Beyond


Rear Axle

Hub Extension 111mm, Rear, Tread Adjustment - AL156777

Hub Extension 219mm, Rear, Tread Adjustment - BL15128

Hub Extension 30mm, Rear, Tread Adjustment - AL156776

Hub Extension 94mm, Rear, Tread Adjustment - BL15127

Rear Fenders

Rear Fender Extension 100X20 - BL15293

Rear Fender Extension 110X15 - BL15292

Rear Power Take-off (Pto)


Backrest Extension for Operator Seats - AL204297

Suspension For Instructional Seat - AL173570

Instructional seat
6R instructional seat6R instructional seat

For an instructional seat to train new operators or diagnosing machine problems, an instructional seat is available as a factory-installed or field-installed attachment.


The seat mounts on the inside fender wall and can be folded out of the way when not in use. All instructional seat kits come complete with a seat belt.


CAUTION: The instructional seat has been approved only for training operators or diagnosing machine problems. Keep all other riders off the tractor and equipment. Always wear your seat belt.

Selective Control Valves

Additional Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 14L - BL15217

ISO-A Coupler for Power Beyond - BL15737

Oil Return Coupler - BL15735


Transmission backup alarm kit on 6030 SeriesTransmission backup alarm kit on 6030 Series

To better accommodate governmental or commercial sales, a back-up alarm is available as a factory- or field-installed attachment on select models. An alarm sounds whenever the transmission is placed in reverse providing a high level of warning that the tractor is changing direction.

Wheels And Tires