Lewis Brothers Poultry Equipment at Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag

Sep 19, 2017, 09:34 AM

As all poultry farmers know, cleaning out your chicken houses isn’t the most fun job, but it always has to be done. The Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag crew has got you covered when it comes to finding quality Lewis Brothers poultry equipment to help make any poultry job easier — especially house cleanout!

At our Bolton, Canton, Hattiesburg, Mendenhall, Summit and Yazoo City Mississippi Ag stores, we have a large line of Lewis Brothers products available to pair with the perfect John Deere tractor.

From the Lewis Brothers Housekeeper to blowers and windrowers, we have got you covered when it comes to keeping your houses in tip-top shape!

The Lewis Brothers Housekeeper is one of our most popular pieces of poultry equipment that we sell at Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag and can make cleaning out a house a breeze.

The Lewis Brothers Housekeeper gets rid of feathers, caked or wet litter and can aerate the remaining litter to reduce ammonia fumes in your house. Pair the Lewis Brothers Housekeeper with a John Deere 5085E, and you’ve got the right tools to help get work done quickly and efficiently! Right now, Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag is offering a poultry special, where you can get the 5085E with an H240 Loader for $45,895 with 0% financing for 60 months. More information on the poultry special is available here

Give us a call at (662) 314-9078 to ask any questions about our Lewis Brothers poultry products today! Or, stop by one of our 15 AgUp locations today to see our selection! (662) 314-9078.

We’d love to make you a part of the Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag customer family!

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