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John Deere Tractors

Compact Tractors

1 to 4 Series Compact Utility Tractors from John Deere are a treasured addition to those who work the land. With a wide range of models available, you are sure to find a suitable machine to meet all your needs.

Utility Tractors

AGUP features John Deere utility tractors that combine the power found in large tractors with the maneuverability expected from compact tractors.

Row Crop Tractors

The Row-Crop Tractors from John Deere. Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the row-crop tractors, like the 6R, 7R, and 8R series.

4WD and Track Tractors

On our four biggest 9RX Tractors with 30- and 36-inch tracks: 120-inch track spacing options. Exceptional traction on rolling hills and wet fields. Large footprint for the flotation you need. Extra margin of comfort turning under load.

Specialty Tractors

Whether your operation requires a tractor to glide under the low-hanging branches of an orchard, ride elevated above high crops, or squeeze through the narrow rows of a vineyard, our Specialty Tractors will protect your sensitive fruit and vegetable crops.

New John Deere Tractors for Sale in Mississippi and Arkansas

John Deere's line of tractors continues to be the best in the field year after year. With models available for every application, you can be sure your job is done effectively and efficiently. Tractor models include the 1-4 series, perfect for small jobs around the house or farm. The 5 and 6 series cover middle-ground jobs with more horsepower than the 1-4 series and more maneuverability than large tractors. When it is time for the large jobs, the 6-8 series row crop tractors will quickly complete your to-do list. Contact our qualified team members to get you suited for a new John Deere tractor.

New John Deere Compact Tractors

Versatility is the name of the game for John Deere's compact tractors. Manufactured to give you the highest output for its size, the series 1 allows you to fit various attachments. Whether using a front loader or a post-hole digger, John Deere's series 1 has you covered. The series 4 offers more horsepower giving you a higher output for your work. With AutoConnect available, attach and detach your mower deck in seconds, giving you the most accessible access. Check out our locations in Arkansas and Mississippi for a hands-on demo.

John Deere Utility Tractors

John Deere's utility tractors feature the 5 and 6 series line. Within the 5 series, there are 5E, 5M, and 5R. With horsepower options ranging from 37 to 130, find what best suits your farm's needs. With 2WD and 4WD available, quickly get through your fields in the harshest conditions. AGUP's offering of John Deere series 6 utility tractors is built for heavier jobs. The 6120M offers a 120-hp engine with a cab or open configuration for ultimate comfort on the job. Attachments range from mowers to tilling equipment, getting any task done promptly.

John Deere Tractor Models for Row Crop

When heavy-duty calls, John Deere's row crop tractors answer. This world-class farming equipment easily handles your most significant jobs, cutting down the time needed in the field. Horsepower in each series includes:

  • Series 1: 22.4HP - 23.9HP
  • Series 2: 24.2HP - 36.7HP
  • Series 3: 24.7HP - 45.3HP

When planting your fields, no option is better than this line of John Deere tractors. With precise planting technology, you can get the highest yield with seeds at the proper space and depth. Use row crop tractors to help with the harvesting season as well. Tow your grain carts from the field to storage bins or other post-harvest equipment. Come by our locations to see which Row Crop tractor is best for you.

Technology in Tractors

John Deere offers unmatched technology in their tractors and continues to improve upon what they have already built. AutoTrac Implement Guidance uses automated steering to guide your tractor along the appropriate lines in your field, maximizing productivity and creating higher placement accuracy. John Deere tractors also manage data and generate results back to you. With this data, you can create reports on your efficiency in the field and make decisions to maximize your output. All of this and more is available with John Deere tractors. Reach out to AGUP to learn more.