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Contact Our Call Center

Access to our Call Center consultants comes under two different fee structures:

  1. A per-call fee
  2. An annual unlimited package

The annual package fee includes an unlimited number of calls per farm as well as scheduled on farm updates to all of the AMS equipment on that farm twice a year.

Below are some advantages of a yearly Call Center Package:

  • Availability of quick on-demand support during peak Planting and Harvesting times
  • Bi-yearly software updates for all your AMS equipment (these updates take anywhere from 1-2 hours a piece per unit)
  • Ability of optimization calls versus being able to call "just when a problem exist"
  • Scheduling for on-farm visits from local consultants
  • Availability of closest support from field consultants using GPS location on field support trucks
  • MyJohnDeere and Operations Center/Apex Support
  • Peace of mind knowing someone local and knowledgeable is always a call away for support

For additional questions regarding our Central Call Center please call 1-855-250-6724, or speak with your local salesman or an AGUP Consultant.

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