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Module identification, manual tagging and reconciling modules at the gin are a thing of the past, along with the extra resources needed to conduct these functions. The RFID reader on board the 7760 Cotton Picker reads the RFID serial numbers embedded in the module wrap documenting 11 of the most important data points during module formation to improve traceability of cotton modules as they move from the field to gin lot and through the ginning process. It then sends the information to the Application Controller 1120, which collects the information and simultaneously displays the module count and serial number, and stores the information as a .txt file on the GreenStarTM 3 2630 Display. Once the information is collected it can be easily retrieved via data card or USB drive and sent electronically to the gin.

Operators can continue to harvest with module information continuously stored on the display. At the gin the system tracks modules back to the field to help understand lint yield and validate varieties of cotton planted - especially important to gins that produce specialty blends.