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Our devices provide everything you need to monitor the health of your farm straight from your computer, phone, or tablet.


The DecisionKing is placed in a field, in which it makes hourly uploads that report soil moisture levels.


The PrecisionKing Weather Collector allows a grower to set up a dedicated weather station on his farm.


The PumpKing allows a grower to remotely monitor his pump and give it remote commands.


The RiceKing allows a grower to monitor rice water levels in real time, remotely.


The PivotKing is a remote sensing device that is installed on the end tower of a pivot.


Surge King -- Surge Valves now available.

We will be offering irrigation templates that work with our PumpKing units. These templates will allow a grower, at the beginning of the year, to pre-program how long they want a particular irrigation set to run. If a well has four runs different poly pipe set on it, with these templates he can set at the beginning of the crop how long he wants each set to run. For example he can program that the West field run for 12 hours, East set run for 18 hours, South set Run for 24 hours and so on. This allows his labor the labor to press the start button the East run and it is pre programmed for the hours to run, instead of him having to remember or flip through all of his pipe planner designs.