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cotton harvest identification

The most important step with new technology is making sure it is calibrated to be as accurate and reliable as possible before taking it to the field. AG InSight provides the services that get you up and running, ensures your equipment is functioning as designed and allows you to get the most out of your crop. We work with all types and brands of equipment to make sure that you see the return on your technology investment.

Maximize the potential of your land, time and investment with our extensive Boundaries and Data Management packages. By defining field boundaries you are creating an accurate map of your land that gives you an accurate acreage measure. Knowing the exact acreage of each field will help you purchase crop inputs in exact amounts without wasting time or money. Recorded historical field data is one of the most important tools in knowing how to manage your farm today. From crop rotation and disease management to nutrients, it's largely based on past performance and actions. With boundaries identified, you will take more accurate measurements and create a database of the information that will allow better decision making. This is a time-consuming and detail-oriented practice, but we make it easy. With our data management packages, we can do everything from collecting data, storing it and helping you use it the following year to produce a more profitable crop.

Our devices provide everything you need to monitor the health of your farm straight from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Managing the water on your farm is crucial to the success of your crops. With the technology of John Deere's Field Connect system, you will have the ability to monitor your field's moisture levels on a daily basis from your office or in the field, ensuring the proper use of water. A balance of soil moisture levels is important to effectively absorb fertilizers and pesticides, promote higher yields and improve crop quality.

Create the ideal landscape for your crops with our TerraCutta program which makes water management easy. After a survey of your land, use our TerraCutta software on your desktop computer to design the grade specifications of each field. Once the desired design is created in the TerraCutta program you may upload to the iGrade system and form your field according to your own design.